• HY12 mini excavator
    HY12 mini excavator
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  • HY12 mini excavator for sale-small excavator

    Small excavators are very suitable for farm orchard and small construction site and rural families. Application scenarios include farm trenching, aqua toilet renovation, vegetable greenhouse trenching, green belt repair, etc.

    No operating license required
    Easy to operate
    Factory direct sale
    Support customization
    With CE, Epa/Euro V
    With various accessories
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HY12 mini excavator

Flexible And Powerful

HY12 is a mini model excavator,It is suitable for working in outdoor environments such as farms and yards.

  • Operating Weight 1200KG
  • Bucket Capacity 0.022m³
  • Power 10HP
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    We can provide you with exclusive customization services, and will produce the products you want according to your requirements, including but not limited to logo customization, color customization ,engine customization and accessories customization.


    Standard with Koop engine, Briggs & Stratton engine,Kubota engine, fuel saving and powerful performance;


    Compact dimensions , Safety Frame, rear opening engine compartment design, Daily inspection and maintenance are simple and quick.

About Accessories
  • 4 Standard Buckets
  • 4 Skeleton Bucket
  • 4 Toothless-Bucket
  • 4 Rake
  • 4 Tiling Bucket
  • 4 Quick Coupler
  • 4 Thumb
  • 4 Grapple
  • 4 Break Hammer
  • 4 Auger

Overall Size

Overall length (when transported)

2870 mm

Overall width (transport/work)

930 mm

Overall height (with/without roof)


Bulldozer width

937 mm

Bulldozer height

210 mm

Track center distance

746 mm

Standard track shoe width

180 mm

Platform ground clearance

405 mm

Standard Bucket Width (With/Without Teeth)

380/330 mm

Track length


Scope Of Work

Maximum digging height

2490 mm

Maximum dumping height

1745 mm

Maximum digging depth

1725 mm

Maximum vertical digging depth

1655 mm

Maximum digging radius

3030 mm

Minimum turning radius

1490 mm

Maximum digging ground distance

2940 mm

Maximum dozing height

170 mm

deepest dozing height

240 mm

Basic Parameters

Operating Weight

1200 kg

Bucket capacity

0.022 m3

Working device form







Maximum torque

25/2500  N.m/r/min


HUAYEE Samll Excvator For Sale - HY12 Crawler Type Small Hydraulic Excavator Product Features

1. Meet Euro 5 EPA emission standard, equipped with large displacement main pump, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

2. The standard configuration bulldozer can level the site, backfill the earth, and increase the stability of the whole machine;

3. The operation is simple, compact and flexible, and the transportation is convenient. It can work in small places, especially suitable for working in orchards, rural areas, gardens, and small spaces.

4. It has the functions of excavation, crushing, hook cleaning, drilling and bulldozing, and accessories can be quickly replaced (optional breaker, digging bit, ripper and pipeline), the utilization rate of the machine is greatly improved, and smooth, fast and powerful Operation;

5. The boom side shifting device and the front part of the body are equipped with a boom side shifting device, so that the direct excavation work similar to the root zone can be realized without frequent movement of the body. It is more suitable for working in narrow field.

6. The fuselage can be rotated 360 degrees and is an adjustable bulldozer.